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Physical Education (PE)

Welcome to George Marks Elementary Physical Education!! Our program is designed to teach students not only about sports, but development of motor skills, nutrition, sportsmanship, and ultimately how to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Your K-2 student will be engaged in a variety of activities that include locomotor development like skipping, galloping and hopping. Catching and throwing various objects of different size, balancing and transfer of weight, dodging and fleeing, as well as dribbling and striking objects.

Your 3-5 student will be engaged in a variety of activities that include dribbling, hurdling and jumping rope. They will learn how to strike stationary and moving objects with a body part or an implement such as in kickball, soccer, volleyball, 4-square and pickleball. In addition, they will gain skills in throwing to a stationary or moving target as seen in softball, lacrosse and flag football.  Game strategy and tactics will be taught to increase your students game IQ for advanced play.

Above all, George Marks Elementary students will focus on learning how to participate regularly and safely, while exhibiting responsible, personal and social behaviors. Because here at George Marks Elementary, we are in the business of building wonderful humans.​​​​​​